In early 2017 Shatterproof launched its most comprehensive initiative to date, the Substance Use Disorder Treatment Task Force, whose mission is to ensure that every American with a substance use disorder has access to high quality, evidence-based treatment. In November of that year it announced an agreement with 16 health insurers to adopt its National Principals of Care. The Task Force is currently working to ensure their implementation through payment reform, provider ratings, provider education, consumer education and policy changes. 

Stemming from the work of the Task Force, the Shatterproof Rating System for Addiction Treatment Programs will be piloted in select states from 2019-2020. The pilot will inform treatment program report cards designed to:

  • inform consumer decisions when seeking care
  • drive quality improvement among the provider community
  • serve as a resource for referral sources
  • serve as a tool for insurers and states in making payment and network decisions

The Rating System will utilize a Donabedian approach to health care ratings, and will include measures drawn from insurance claims (public and private), provider surveys, and consumer experience. The provider ratings will be displayed on a consumer-oriented online dashboard. 

The Rating System is led by the Director of National Treatment Quality Initiatives, who is based in NY, and a team that works remotely across the East Coast. 


Reporting to the Senior Manager, National Treatment Quality Initiatives, the State Engagement Manager for North Carolina is tasked with executing state-based strategies to ensure the successful launch and sustained implementation of the Shatterproof Rating System for Addiction Treatment Programs in the state. This will include liaising with state officials, providers, insurers, and other stakeholders; developing written content and delivering independent presentations across the state; and coordinating with Shatterproof staff and contractors related to public affairs, consumer education, provider training, and treatment quality initiatives. 

The ideal candidate will have an educational and employment background in public health, public policy, substance use disorder treatment, or a related field; knowledge of the addiction treatment system; knowledge of treatment and health systems in the state of NC specifically, an understanding of relevant policies; and, experience undertaking projects that are both independent and collaborative, involve many partners, complex issues, and quantitative data.

The position will be remote but must be based in NC (Raleigh preferred).  It will require some travel throughout the state as well as out of state. 

Major Duties

  • Inform and execute state engagement plan for the Shatterproof Rating System in NC, and support across other Rating System pilot states
  • Build and manage key relationships in NC including with state officials, agencies, providers, and insurers to ensure the success of the project
  • Host monthly “Provider Roundtables” to inform treatment programs on items related to the pilot
  • Convene a quarterly “State Advisory Committee”
  • Lead all communications with state-based stakeholders and represent Shatterproof at key in-state meetings and events
  • Oversee and support strategies to encourage provider participation in the treatment program survey
  • Oversee and support strategies to encourage consumer participation in the consumer experience survey
  • Regularly disseminate information related to the Rating System with key stakeholders
  • Plan agendas for and facilitate meetings with state officials around the Rating System
  • Track progress toward implementation and share successes and challenges with the state engagement team 
  • Support the Senior Manager in other pilot states and work with the state engagement team on cross-state activities
  • Maintain expertise on state-based initiatives related to Shatterproof’s work in the pilot state, including policy and regulatory changes
  • Develop an understanding of legislative history and changes that impact the Rating System, including related to state licensure


  • 5 plus years of experience in a government agency, research organization, or health care system (addiction treatment preferred)
  • Demonstrated ability to manage relationships with multiple high-level stakeholders
  • Passion for Shatterproof’s mission
  • Demonstrated knowledge of substance use disorders preferred
  • Demonstrated knowledge of North Carolina health policies and systems
  • Excellent and persuasive communicator; exceptional written, oral, interpersonal, and presentation skills
  • Self-reliant, excellent judgment and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to anticipate future needs and make decisions in a changing environment
  • Ability to work independently, from home, given the role is remote
  • A proactive, team player eager to collaborate with colleagues and partner
  • Masters level candidates with focus on public policy, public health, health administration, or a related discipline preferred 


The Mission
Shatterproof is a national nonprofit organization committed to ending the devastation that addiction causes families.

The Crisis
Addiction is the most significant health crisis in the United States today.

More than 20 million Americans—one in twelve over the age of 12 — suffer from the disease of addiction, making it the fourth most prevalent disease in the United States. Addiction permeates every geographic corner of the country and every socioeconomic class. All told, approximately 80 million Americans have someone in their immediate family – son, daughter, mother or father, who are afflicted with this disease.

The misuse of alcohol and other drugs kills approximately 150,000 Americans each year, making it the country’s third largest cause of death. In 2016, more than 64,000 Americans died of an overdose, the majority of which were caused by an opioid, quintuple the number of Americans that died 15 years ago. Despite the magnitude of this enormous tragedy, the nation’s response has been misguided and insufficient. 

The Response
Founded by former hotel executive Gary Mendell to fill the gap for a well-funded, national, not-for-profit organization to reverse the course of this health crisis, Shatterproof was launched with the single goal of ending the devastation addiction is causing our families. To achieve this, Shatterproof believes:

  1. Every state and federal government agency must adopt, fund, and implement common-sense policies to dramatically increase access to evidence-based prevention and chronic disease management programs;
  2. Every American must have access to high-quality, evidence-based prevention and chronic disease treatment programs for addiction that meet a national standard of proven research; and
  3. Everyone with a substance use disorder must be treated with the same empathy and receive the same expert care as someone suffering from any other disease.

In just a few short years, Shatterproof has distinguished itself by its business approach to making impact and its measurable success in saving the lives of many.

Foremost to Shatterproof’s impact has been affecting change through federal and state legislation. In 2016 Shatterproof was one of the leading advocates for the successful issuance of the CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain, and the passage of two federal laws, the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) and the 21st Century Cures Act

At the state level, Shatterproof has led campaigns in 14 states focused on a range of topics from broadening access to naloxone, a medication which can instantly reverse an overdose, to ensuring prescribing practices of opioids align with CDC recommendations.

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