Share your story. Advocate for change. Join the movement.

Shatterproof Ambassadors are a part of a powerful, national network of volunteer peer leaders, educating and empowering others to support Shatterproof’s mission. Ambassadors are committed to promoting the Shatterproof vision and representing the organization.

Becoming an Ambassador is a rewarding experience that allows you to share your passion for Shatterproof’s mission while working to reduce the devastation that addition causes families. 

As a Shatterproof Ambassador, you will:

  • Volunteer at Shatterproof events
  • Assist in Shatterproof fundraising efforts
  • Share your story on social media and blogs
  • Assist with Shatterproof state and national advocacy efforts
  • Share photos and videos of your participation at Shatterproof events

Learn more about becoming a Shatterproof Ambassador in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Join the Ambassador interest list

“I participated in the Senate hearing to change opioid prescribing guidelines. Knowing my story made an impact on the law, and will make a difference in another parent’s life —that’s empowering.”
— Dee D.

“I attended the Opioid Forum in Hartford, where I shared my story and discussed the opioid epidemic with state legislators.”
— Kerilyn W.

“I lost my two precious sons to substance use disorders. Being a Shatterproof Ambassador allows me to give them a voice.”
— Diana L.

"We humanize the addiction crisis. We share with our friends, who share with their friends, and the connectedness becomes unlimited.”
— Wendy S.

"Shatterproof has given me the chance to use my experience to help others. It has also helped me to feel stronger. We are making changes one day at a time.”
— Ada H.