Dayanna Cespedes

Dayanna Céspedes (she/her) is originally from Lima, Peru and is the Digital Content Coordinator for Shatterproof.

Dayanna graduated from San Martín de Porres University in Lima, Peru with a bachelor's degree in Advertising and Public Relations. She also specialized in Graphic Design and Advanced Production at Golden West College in Huntington Beach, California. She has a variety of experience in different areas of her field, including digital marketing, press and digital communication, media editing, product and brand design, visual design, and web development.

In addition, Dayanna has worked on many projects as a freelance designer. Dayanna aspires to increase her skills and expertise by studying U/UX design and strives to stay up to date with the new technology and trends. Dayanna is also very passionate about serving both the Latinx and LGBTQ+ communities and uses digital arts to help connect these communities to the services/resources that they need.

In her free time, Dayanna enjoys spending time with her family and friends and her pups Aspen and Peach. She is a Peruvian-food enthusiast and has been forced to become a Duke sports fan thanks to her fiancée.

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