We want to ensure that the ATLAS™ quality measures display is clear, accurate, and easy to navigate. More details on how information will be displayed to the public on ATLAS are now available in the form of website ‘mock-ups’, and we are seeking public feedback on this display via an online tool. 

Now that the ATLAS quality measures are in the final refinement stages, mock-ups offer a visual representation of how data from these measures will be displayed on the public-facing ATLAS website. Your feedback on the mock-ups will help inform how quality measure data should be displayed when ATLAS is launched for the public in May 2020. 

On the ATLAS Data Display Feedback Tool, you will be shown select Treatment Facility Survey questions and mock-ups of the display for responses to these questions, then asked to provide your feedback.

Shatterproof is also soliciting input on the data display from a panel of national experts. Importantly, these processes do not take the place of user experience testing, which will happen later in the website development process and will inform display layouts and user navigation.


Provide Your Feedback Here


If you have any questions about the measures included in this feedback process, such as how they were developed, please view this webinar or review this report. For additional information, visit the ATLAS webpage, and/or submit questions to ATLAS@Shatterproof.org. Thank you for your input!