Our new report identifies recommendations that have the power to save countless lives.

Preliminary CDC data indicates that fentanyl overdose deaths increased by 14% in 2018. Our new report outlines solutions to this growing national crisis. 

Quick Facts About Fentanyl:

This report reviews data from states that suffered the highest number of fentanyl overdose deaths from 2011 through 2017: Ohio, New York, Florida, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, and Illinois. Additionally, the report includes West Virginia and New Hampshire because they reported the highest numbers of fentanyl overdose deaths compared to their population size.

After reviewing this data, the report identifies a number of promising state initiatives that are already in place and having a positive effect on curbing overdose deaths. It also recommends several new strategies that states should adopt in order to save the most lives.

Promising State Initiatives to Reduce Fentanyl Overdose Deaths

  • Overdose data collection and information sharing
  • Wide access to Naloxone
  • 911 Good Samaritan Laws
  • Public education and prevention campaigns
  • Access to treatment for all (including those in correctional facilities)

Recommendations for States:


The Fentanyl Epidemic: State Initiatives to Reduce Overdose Deaths Report

This report is a collaboration between Drug Strategies, a nonprofit research institute that promotes more effective drug use prevention, education, and treatment, and Shatterproof. 

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