Questions to ask providers

Looking for the right treatment provider? Use these questions to guide your choice.

  1. General Information

    • When can I get an appointment?
    • What is the cost of the program? Is insurance accepted?
    • What type of financial aid, payment plans or sliding fee scales are offered?
    • How are you addressing COVID 19? Do you offer virtual services?
  2. Services

    • Do you offer customized treatment for              (fill in the age/gender/other characteristics)?
    • Do you provide services for withdrawal management (“Detox”), Medications for Opioid Use Disorder, medical and psychiatric staff for physical and mental health issues?
    • Do you offer family counseling? If not, can you make a referral?
    • Do you design a continuing care plan to help in the ongoing recovery process?
  3. Motivational Techniques

    • What do you do to motivate patients to stay engaged in their treatment plan?
  4. Effectiveness

    • Have you had your program evaluated? What are the outcomes of the evaluation?
    • What credentials and licenses do the program program’s clinical staff hold?
    • What type of accreditation and/or state licensing do you have?
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