Pick the right treatment provider

Search for treatment providers, narrow the list, and ask the right questions to make your choice.

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    Search for providers

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    If you live in Delaware, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, or West Virginia, use ATLAS™  to search for high-quality addiction treatment that meets your needs.  To find treatment in other states, try searching on findtreatment.gov or go directly to your insurance company’s list of in-network providers.

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    Narrow the list of providers

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    Make sure the providers you select offer the treatment type, payment options, age range, language, and special programs you need.

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    Contact providers

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    Once you’ve compiled a list of providers that sound like a good fit, talk to them to see if they offer all the services recommended by your assessment.

    Access to treatment may be different during COVID-19. When you contact providers, ask if they are taking new patients and/or providing virtual treatment.

    Here are some specific questions to ask providers.

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