Overdose is now the #1 cause of accidental death in the United States, recently surpassing car accidents. So it’s no surprise that many of your Facebook friend’s lives have been affected by addiction.

That statistic is heartbreaking, but there is hope. For instance, advocates like you have helped 16 states pass lifesaving legislation: broadening access to naloxone, strengthening prescription drug monitoring programs, and ensuring prescriber practices align with CDC guidance on opioids.

Many in our Shatterproof community have reached out to their social networks to share their stories and ask for support. The response has been astonishing.

We believe your social networks will be inspired to help, too. Here’s how:

Tell your Facebook friends why you’re launching a Shatterproof campaign. Include a photo of the person you’re supporting, and add your fundraising page (“My Page”) URL so people can easily make donations online. 

To encourage donations, end your post with a heartfelt call to action, such as:

“That's why I'm starting my own fundraiser in memory of my son, Kyle. Please honor his memory with me by making a donation.”

Facebook Fundraiser

Pro Tip: Setup Your Own Facebook Fundraiser via My HQ 


  1. Login to My HQ
  2. Select "Social"
  3. Select "Facebook Fundraiser"
  4. Select "Create a Facebook Fundraiser" 
  5. Login to Facebook and follow the remaining steps
Facebook Fundraiser

Pro Tip: Though your Facebook Fundraiser will auto-populate with pre-written content, you will garner greater support by personalizing your message and adding a photo.

Power Fundraising - FB Example - Kyle

Pro Tip: Have you made a self-donation? After you do, challenge your Facebook friends to match or beat your personal gift. Then, anytime someone donates, thank that individual through a new wall post. Include the donor’s name (and tag them), along with their donation amount, so both your friend and others in your Facebook community can see how you’re all working together to end addiction. 

How to Make a Self-Donation

Login to your fundraising page (My HQ) then:

  1. Select “Donate to Own Goal”
  2. Enter donation amount
  3. Enter credit card info
  4. Enter CVV # (on back of your credit card)
  5. Select “Donate”

Amplify Your Outreach!

Visit Power Fundraising to learn how. #weareshatterproof

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