If you need a little help to raise funds, here are some super easy tips to bring in the bucks before and after your event.

Step #1: Make a Self-Donation in 60 Seconds

Self Donate

Login to your fundraising page (My HQ) then:

  1. Select “Donate to Own Goal”
  2. Enter donation amount
  3. Enter credit card info
  4. Enter CVV # (on back of your credit card)
  5. Select “Donate”

Pro Tip: If you set your initial goal for $100, donate $50. Now, all you have to do is raise $50 through your network and you’ll reach it in record time!

*We do not store your credit card information in our secure system.

Step #2: Share Your Story on Facebook

Power Fundraising - FB example Cecily

Tell your Facebook friends why you’re participating in a Shatterproof event or hosting your own fundraiser. Include a photo of the person you’re supporting/honoring and add your fundraising page URL so others can easily make donations online.

My HQ gives you an array of easy-to-use tools to share your fundraiser via social media.

Social Share

Pro Tip: Challenge your Facebook friends to match or beat your self-donation. Every time you receive a new gift, thank the individual by tagging their name and shouting out their donation amount. When friends see other friends join together to end addiction, they’re more likely to get involved.

Step #3: Send a Pre-Built Email through Your Fundraising Page

Send Email

Login to your fundraising page then:

  1. Select “Fundraise via Email”

  2. Enter emails manually (or import contacts from your favorite email app for even faster and greater reach)

  3. Choose template > “Fundraising Email #1 or #2”

  4. Enter "Subject Line"

  5. Personalize the beginning of your message or simply use the existing templated content

  6. Send away!

Pro tip: Increase your odds for raising funds by including a couple of sentences about your personal connection to the cause. Example: “As one of my closest friends, you’re familiar with my daughter’s story. The good news: through the help of Shatterproof, she’s now in recovery and more optimistic than ever. That’s why I’m participating in this important event.” 

Amplify Your Outreach!

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