Planned Giving


A bequest is one of the easiest gifts to make. It’s also a meaningful way to support Shatterproof while maintaining control of your assets during your lifetime.

How do I make a Bequest?

To make a bequest, simply add Shatterproof as a beneficiary in your will by gifting an asset or a specific dollar amount or percentage of your estate.

How do I let Shatterproof know about my Bequest?

To speak with a member of our team or to let us know you’ve remembered Shatterproof in your will, kindly email Donor Relations at

Life Insurance

You can designate Shatterproof as a beneficiary of your Life Insurance policy to make a significant contribution without giving an outright gift. As an additional benefit to your heirs, any proceeds distributed to a nonprofit, like Shatterproof, are exempt from estate tax.

IRA Distribution

What is Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from your IRA?

Beginning at age 70 ½ you are required to take a minimum withdrawal from your IRA account. A QCD allows you to donate up to $100,000 to a qualified charity, like Shatterproof, without having to make a taxable minimum withdrawal and without increasing your taxable income.

How can I make a distribution to Shatterproof?

To make a QCD, your IRA Administrator must transfer the funds directly to Shatterproof on your behalf. Funds withdrawn by you and sent to Shatterproof do not qualify as a charitable distribution and would become taxable. Please contact your IRA administrator to make your taxwise gift by year-end!

What’s next?

Please email Donor Relations at to let us know about your gift.

Legal name: Shatterproof A Nonprofit Corp

Legal address: 101 Merritt 7 Corporate Park, 1st Floor, Norwalk, CT 06851

Federal tax ID number: 45-4619712

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