Harm reduction refers to policies, programs, and interventions that are proven to reduce the harmful effects of drug use and addiction.

Shatterproof advocates for harm reduction policies that reduce overdoses, increase access to evidence-based care, and make recovery possible for every American with a substance use disorder.

Learn more about several important harm reduction strategies in the sections below.

An introduction to the cost-effectiveness and human rights benefits of harm reduction strategies.

Syringe Access
Syringe access programs reduce risk of infectious disease and overdose, improve access to healthcare and treatment, and do not increase drug use overall.

Overdose Prevention
Naloxone is a safe medication that can reverse an opioid overdose in minutes. It should be widely available to everyone in the position to save a life.

Medications For Addiction Treatment
Medications prevent overdoses and sustain recovery.

Prenatal Care
The use of medications for pregnant women with opioid use disorders is proven to have the best results for both mother and child.

Law and Policy
In addition to programs and services, harm reduction includes influencing policy changes that reduce the stigma of addiction and increase available resources.