In It Together: Opportunities to increase screening and treatment of opioid use disorder among Massachusetts healthcare professionals

Primary care and Emergency Medicine healthcare providers are looking for more practical training to increase their confidence in discussing treatment options and safety plans with patients with OUD.

Understanding opportunities to make a difference

Made possible by funding from the GE Foundation/RIZE Massachusetts, Shatterproof conducted a multi-part study with health care professionals across the state of Massachusetts, focusing on three main areas:

  1. Attitudes towards OUD and managing patients with OUD
  2. Barriers to screening and treating patients with OUD
  3. Interest in a wide range of potential programs to provide information or education to combat stigma and drive increased screening and treating behaviors for OUD

The Research

Shatterproof conducted an online survey of 564 healthcare professionals across the state of MA. The research focused on select specialties – Emergency Medicine (EM), Family Medicine (FM), Internal Medicine (IM), and OBGYN/Women’s Health – and also included addiction specialists, pediatric providers, psychiatry providers, and social workers, as a point of comparison.

For this effort, Shatterproof partnered with Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) who fielded the survey to their own members and led the coordinated effort with an additional 10 provider organizations to field the survey to their member base.

The Findings

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