Whatever brought you to Shatterproof, your story is unique. You might be honoring the memory of your child who lived with addiction. Or maybe your best friend is in recovery. The crucial thing to remember is this: to motivate others to give, you’ve got to make it personal.

Bring us into your world. Give us a peek into the life you’re remembering or celebrating. Give yourself permission to share as much or as little as you want. Sharing these memories will be bittersweet. They might open old wounds. They may feel difficult to share. But after you do, you’ll realize you are not alone. And you’ll inspire others to take action.

Why, Who, & What: The 3-Keys to a Compelling Story

Potential supporters will want to know…

1. WHY you are starting or participating in a Shatterproof fundraising event? Was there a specific experience that prompted you to get involved? 

2. WHO you are honoring/celebrating/advocating on behalf of (e.g., your child, your friend, a loved one)?

3. WHAT does it mean to you for others to support the cause by making a donation or joining your team?

To help craft your own quick story, check out these sound bites from other Shatterproof event participants:

Power Fundraising - Dee


"Life brings you to where you are meant to be . . . and today, I am meant to be a voice, an advocate, an ambassador in raising awareness and ultimately to help shatter the negative stigma of addiction. I know because the disease of addiction knocked at my door and tried to steal my most precious gift in the world, my son. . . .

Today, I am running, but not away. I am running the New York City Marathon with #teamshatterproof. I don't need your legs, I don't need your sneakers, but I need any amount you can donate, so every mile has meaning."

See Dee’s fundraising page

Power Fundraising - Bob


"With the support of my family and friends, I am coming up on 30 months sober. It’s a great feeling and one that I would like to share with people who are struggling. Part of my recovery is being able to give back to the community. . . .

In order to raise awareness for the work that Shatterproof is doing, I’m participating in the Leadville 100—a 100-mile mountain bike race with 12,500 feet of vertical climbing in the beautiful town of Leadville, CO, the highest incorporated city in America. . . . 

I ask for any support you can provide. . . ."

See Bob’s fundraising page

Power Fundraising - Jess


"I’m running my first half marathon and I don’t want it to be about me or how gazelle-like I look, or how fast I’m going for a first-timer, or how well my sneakers match my running tights. 

I want it to be about Matt because he was my brother and he died and I miss him. . . .

If you knew Matt, if you loved Matt, if you know me or love me, if you care about this issue or society in general, I would just be tickled if you’d donate."

See Jess’s fundraising page

When we show our vulnerability through the lens of our own experiences, others will be there to relate with us, to rise with us, to conquer fear with us, and to embrace us.

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