Jessica Ishikawa joined the Shatterproof team in January 2015. She oversees all design assets and video production for the organization, as well as acting as Shatterproof's brand ambassador.

Jessica's tenure in the non-profit sector spans over a decade, most of which was spent at the National MS Society. She began in development managing corporate recruitment and team cultivation and was eventually tapped to be an in-house designer, where she was able to user her creative talents to build engaging and compelling campaigns. 

Jessica continued to grow within the MS Society, which culminated with her as the Senior Director of Marketing and Information Systems, managing all marketing and data initiatives for the local chapter with an annual revenue of $8M.

Jessica has a B.S. in Music History from the University of California, Los Angeles.

In her spare time, she enjoys cycling, mountain biking, yoga, art, and listening to and making music. She lives in Southern California with her husband and their dog, Peanut.