Whether you’re brand new to fundraising or a seasoned pro, these three simple tips will get you moving. Just remember—every dollar you raise provides support for families, shatters stigma, and saves countless lives. You ready?

Step #1. Set a Realistic Fundraising Goal and Make It Known

Research suggests we’re more comfortable with even, or round, numbers because they’re easy to understand and remember. Plus, potential supporters are more likely to give when they can see your progress.

With this in mind, start with $100.* It’s an achievable goal and once you reach it (which you will!), double it to $200. Then continue to increase your goal as you gain momentum. 

*If you’re fundraising event requires a minimum to participate, use the minimum as your initial goal.

How to Update Your Goal

Power Fundraising - Update Your Goal

Login to your fundraising page then:

  1. Select “Update Your Goal”
  2. Enter new goal amount
  3. Click “Save”


Step #2. Make a self-donation to demonstrate your passion

Potential donors know you’re serious about making a difference when you make a personal investment. Plus, participants who make their own contribution raise 3x more than the average fundraiser.

How to Make a Self-Donation 

Power Fundraising - Donate to Your Goal

Login to your Fundraising Page then:

  1. Select “Donate to Your Goal”
  2. Enter donation amount
  3. Enter credit card info*
  4. Click “Donate”

Pro Tip: If you set your initial goal for $100, donate $50. Now, all you have to do is raise $50 through your network and you’re golden!

*We do not store your credit card information in our secure system.

Step #3. Email 10 of your closest friends and family 

In most cases, those who intimately know how addiction has touched your life are eager to support your campaign. We’ve made it effortless for you to reach out. 

How to Send Emails from Your Fundraising Page

Power Fundraising - Email Donors
  1. Select “Promote via Email”

  2. Enter emails manually (or import contacts from your favorite email client for even faster and greater reach)

  3. Choose template > “Outreach to Potential Donors”

  4. Enter Subject Line

  5. Personalize the beginning of your message

Then send away!

If you’d rather communicate through your personal email, feel free to copy and paste content from your fundraising page template into your own email.

Pro Tip: Though we’ve included pre-formatted content, your campaign will have deeper meaning and more impact if you include a short, personal, “This is why I’m fundraising” statement at the beginning of your email. 

For instance, your lead-in might read:

“I’m raising money for Shatterproof in memory of my son, Kyle. I’m emailing you because I know how much you loved him, appreciated his wonderful sense of humor, and miss him as much as I do.” 

Whichever method you choose to connect with your network, we’re grateful for your commitment to change the conversation about addiction.

Amplify Your Outreach!

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