Resources for Family & Friends

Where can I find educational resources about substance use disorder?

You can find lots of helpful information right here on For more, we recommend the following:

Where can I find family support groups?

While there are many family support groups available nationwide, we found the ones below to be valuable and suitable for a variety of ages.

  • Parents of Addicted Loved Ones (PAL) PAL is a free support group for parents and family members who have a loved one dealing with substance use disorder using evidence-based practices.
    The Daily Pledge is a free, online support group and social community created by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, for anyone affected by drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Families Anonymous supports family members of people with a drug or alcohol addiction or with related behavioral health conditions.
  • The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) provides help for family members of anyone who has experienced the symptoms of a mental health condition.
  • Learn 2 Cope is a non-profit support network offering education, resources, peer support and hope for parents and family members coping with a loved one addicted to opioids or other drugs.                   
  • Camp Mariposa is a year-round addiction prevention and mentoring program for youth affected by the substance use of a family member.
  • The Confidant Health app matches you to other individuals for support and recovery purposes.
  • Join virtual meetings, chats, and resources from:
  • Visit Partnership to End Addiction. This nonprofit offers peer support and one-on-one help from specialists if you have a child who’s struggling with addiction.
  • If you have an older loved one, be sure to check out Dependency & Addiction Among Seniors via They provide information for identifying and preventing risky substance use among elderly people.

Are there any scholarships for children of parents with a substance use disorder?

There are scholarships available for students studying or going through difficult moments as a result of living with a parent with a substance use disorder or losing a parent to substance use. Please check back periodically, as we will update this list as more opportunities become available.

  • The New York Times College Scholarship is a scholarship for New York City high school students having achieved academic excellence while enduring a hardship or difficult life experiences.
  • The Hope for Addiction  scholarship offers financial assistance for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees with the intention of helping people experiencing addiction.
  • The Lisa Michelle Memorial Fund provides educational scholarships to students who have lost a parent to alcohol and drugs.

How can I contact my elected officials?

If you have additional questions, would like to find out if more local resources are available, or would like to talk to leaders about this important issue, reach out to your local elected officials' offices.

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