Each day, thousands of people are impacted by overdoses.

Read some of their stories.

Over 107,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2021, and two-thirds of those deaths were related to synthetic opioids like fentanyl. Fentanyl-related deaths now account for more deaths than gun- and auto-related deaths combined.

Here's how overdose is affecting real people.


Justin's Story

Justin Cappiello was 25 years old when he was taken from us by an overdose of heroin, which was laced with fentanyl. He was the oldest of 3 children, loved his brother and sister and watched over them always! Justin was so full of life, love and laughter.


Erin's Story

I met my best friend, Erin, when we were fifteen years old. We connected instantly through a shared love of music, art and sarcasm. When we were both 20 years old, we began experimenting with drugs.


Betsy's Story

A well-told story is remembered more accurately, and far longer than learning derived from facts and figures. Unfortunately, I only have a handful of memories from the months I was completely lost on Fentanyl patches.


Cade's Story

I lost my beautiful son, Cade Reddington, at the age of 18. Cade died in his freshman dorm room at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee after taking what he thought was Percocet, but it turned out to be one fake pill that was 100% fentanyl.


Cassidy's Story

Cassidy was just 34 years old when we lost her. She was an inspiration to me and to so many other people. She was loving and kind, protective, funny, and so beautiful inside and out. To this day, people are still amazed at her artistic ability.


Mike's Story

Mike came into my life like a whirlwind. He was loving to animals, kind to me, and refreshingly honest. I knew this person was meant to be in my life. He told me about his past with addiction and I thought it was just that–in the past.

James and Vanessa

James's Story

Fentanyl: it’s what starts my story, but it is also what stopped my brother’s life. James wasn’t just a sibling–he was my best friend. We grew up incredibly close, creating the most amazing memories that I now cherish so deeply.


Logan's Story

I am a mom of two boys, one of whom I recently lost to fentanyl poisoning. Our story began many years ago when we first noticed Logan was struggling with depression, grief, and anxiety.

Fentanyl can be deadly. But overdoses don’t have to be.

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Mother and daughter

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