Lisa Cummings

Lisa Cummings serves as Shatterproof’s Senior Director of Philanthropy. In this role, she carries out her passion for building purpose-driven relationships that create opportunities for donors to join in making a powerful collective impact through their generosity.

Lisa brings over twenty years of diverse experience in sales, client account management, and donor relationship management. Most recently, in her role as Manager of Individual Giving with the national nonprofit, Wholesome Wave, she was tasked with creating new pathways for individual giving. There, she led a team to develop and execute branded campaigns, awareness initiatives, and stewardship plans that increased donor retention and tripled annual giving during her tenure.

As a person in long-term recovery, Lisa is committed to Shatterproof's mission of meeting those with substance abuse disorder with compassion, equitable access to health care, and community connection.

Lisa is a health and wellness advocate; she enjoys reading and spending time outdoors. Based in Connecticut, she is working on a memoir in the form of short essays.

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