Alysa Ivy

Alysa Jenea' Ivy

Alysa was a wonderful spirit, and had a presence about her to captivate an audience. Her contagious laugh and that beautiful smile which could light up a room made anyone who met her-never forget Alysa.With her head-strong demeanor she had plans to save the world; environmentally conscious and so creative in her art and drawings. Alysa was an old soul who fully embodied the expressions of “artistic” and “creative”. Her love of hip-hop and techno music could always be heard blaring from her car stereo. Born and raised in Plano, Texas and moved to Hudson, WI in her 10th grade year. She made friends very easily and cherished her many friends. Alysa had a very caring and compassionate heart and could make you laugh with her wittiness and heart of gold.