Jocelyn Deaver

Jocelyn Marie Deaver

She loved making jokes and making everybody laugh. She was a really good listener. Her presence was always positive and we were always excited to see her. We used to make dances to different songs when we were younger, we would even dress up for the dances! Our number one dance was to the song ""Mambo #5"" Jocelyn had a nickname that everyone called her by; ""Jocie"". I remember we all used to laugh when my dad would recite a saying about her name that he made up. It went like this ""Jocelyn Macarena no mas triste I love my daddy and cheese steaks"" It was my dad's signature line and we never got tired of hearing it. No matter how bad Jocelyn's addiction was at the time, she always managed to contact me to wish me a happy birthday. Jocelyn was an amazing girl who could have done amazing things. She will remain in the hearts of my family members forever. (Jocelyn is seen on the right in the picture, I am on the left)"