Kabel Thompson

Kabel E. Thompson

Truly wonderful human all around

My husband, Kabel, was NOT what killed him. In the years we were together and then married, he was an outgoing, hard working, extremely loving, husband, stepdad, son, brother, uncle and friend. He was absolutely my best friend. He loved so unconditionally, which is rare to find in a human soul. He was 36 when he was found in his car about an hour from our home, dead from an apparent drug overdose. Some form of drug and syringes were in the car with him, along with a belt in his lap. Kabel struggled with an opiate addiction in his early-late 20’s, he attended rehab, stopped hanging with the people he used with and started a new life, drug free over 10 years ago. As a recovering addict, he was doing everything right! At the time I am writing this it’s been exactly 1 month since he left this world and the shock has still not subsided. I’m reeling with questions and not finding any answers that suffice my heartache. Maybe I never will be satisfied with any kind of answers.
That’s why I have decided to do everything in my power to help advocate for drug overdose and addiction, in his honor. My husband didn’t want to die, quite the opposite, he was the definition of life! It’s time we, the people of the world, stopped putting such a stigma on addiction and addiction recovery.
SPEAK UP, REACH OUT AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, DO NOT BE ASHAMED TO ADMIT YOU ARE AT RISK FOR RELAPSE! Being loud about addiction is honestly the only way to prevent what’s happened to my family and to countless others worldwide.
I’m ready to fight for Kabel, even after his death I believe he (with my help) can make a difference.