Matthew Nematz

Matthew Roderick Nematz

Matthew was my son, my only child. He died when he was 27 years old of an overdose of alcohol/fentanyl. He was smart, personable, well spoken and good looking. He had an amazing sense of humor and as a good friend puts it a ""shit eating grin"". He and I were close as single Moms of only sons can be. We shared a love of reading and traded books back and forth frequently. We knew what kind of movies the other liked and traded Netflix recommendations. We also went to the movies together when we could. Matt grew up for his first 9 years or so on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. He loved the beach and being outdoors. Much later when he lived in the western mountains of North Carolina he still loved being outside, hiking and climbing. My best memories are of times when we were both relaxed and enjoying each others company. I can pinpoint two vacations that are my best memories, one when he was around 14 to the hill country of Texas and another beach vacation to Cape Charles, VA with his then girlfriend Christina. I miss him more than I can explain. He will always be my boy."