Michael Evans

Michael Paul Evans

Michael loved sports especially football. His favorite teams were BYU, and Chicago Bears. We went to a BYU game when he was 5 years old and saw Jim McMann play, it just seems like yesterday. We all stood up when Jim threw a touch pass and Mike spilled his drink on a fan in front of him and the man turned around and hugged him. Happiness for the touch down overwhelmed us all. At eight years old he played little league football as running back, until he was in 9th grade. He had loosing seasons and winning ones, and I coached his 10 year old team we won six games and lost 3. In the last game Mike played his hart out carrying the ball and most of the time and getting a first down on his own to set up the score to win the game. His last year he played his team when undefeated and won the ninth grade state championship. Unfortunately his hart grew big about the game but his body was so small. He stood about 5ft then well below his teammates height of 6ft or higher. Yet he did his best cheering on the sidelines for his teammates. We enjoyed watching the sports together and often when to games together. He graduated from Copperhills High School and learned to read. He read a novel a week mostly about vampires, monsters, and zombies, and collected comic books about the same type of novels. He loved the outdoors and hiking and fishing. His uncle took him on a hike across the Uinta Mountain range and loved fishing at Crystal Lake. He walked everywhere or rode his bicycle. He had a very kind hart and love his grandma very much. He want so much to help her as she grew older by painting her bedroom and helping his uncle cleaning up his yard a few days before his death he had called them to make plans for the spring clean up. We enjoyed movies together and went often. His favorite movies were the Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, Star Wars and horror movies. I liked Star Trek, which he did not like but he went with me to all of them just because he loved me.
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Overdoses have increased 42% during the COVID-19 pandemic. Help us save lives.

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