Michael Sanders

Michael Jordan Sanders

"Our Michael, ""Bubby"" as his Grandma Jane called him and ""sandman"" as some of his friends called him had lived at both the top and the bottom. He was a brilliant student, had double AA's and was about to graduate from Cal State Fullerton. He was a surfer, snowboarder. Baseball player and fisherman. At his memorial he was called by dozens ""THE BEST Friend, always there for them"". He was a dedicated family member, and he loved each of us. He was also a heroin addict. He did not start out shooting up heroin, he started smoking and smoking pot. He followed a road paved with disappointments and tears, his own and those of the people who loved him. His addictions drove his life to places that those of us close to him can't imagine. We asked ourselves many times how can a guy with SO MUCH potential be in this place? We ALL loved him, we prayed for him and we encouraged him to go to rehab and get professional help, to be able to STAY clean. But he knew better, he could handle IT. Just after Christmas preparing for some medical tests because his body could not keep food in or weight on he shot up one last time in the bathroom of the home where he had lived with his grandparents since he was 16. They could not get through the locked door when they heard the seizure start. Grandma Jane could not do CPR like she had before to bring him back from where the devil drug had taken him. This time our Bubby was gone, forever. If you are an addict and are reading this PLEASE realize you are NOT invincible. You can NOT do this long term on your own! There IS help, free help for those who are willing to make the changes necessary! Please don't put your ""grandma Jane"" in a position to save you... Only YOU can make the decision to seek help, and save yourself! Grandma Jane and I will be right there in spirit Cheering you on! Choose Life! "