Tia Hyde

Tia Jaimes Hyde

Tia was my youngest daughter, she was an amazing person & we were extremely close, her, I & her sister, Kai. She loved to ride horses & we were getting another new horse for her right before she died. She had been out of treatment for 2 months, was finally looking forward to her future, was once again the Tia we all knew & loved. She was so strong & loyal, beautiful & loving, I was so proud of her finally getting clean & was happy she was living back at home with me & her stepfather, Wes. When she was little she was a ball of energy, like a little Sprite or Fairy & she was always smiling & happy & curious. As she grew older she became an adventurous child, very brave & fearless it seemed. She was a natural on a horse & loved animals as I always have & was always bringing home stray or injured ones to add to our already extensive menagerie on our small ""farm"". She was involved in 4-H with her sister & won ribbons in Dog Obedience which she was very proud of. She loved her family & she loved staying weekends at my parents house which was my childhood home & located up in the foothills of Mt. Hood & 3 miles off of the paved road surrounded by forest & no neighbors but beautiful property with orchard, ponds stocked with trout, huge yards & gardens & a large unique home that she loved as I had growing up. As she got older she began experimenting with pot & alcohol which worried me as her father was an abusive alcoholic & I worried about her. She had some self esteem problems & would say things like, ""You want me to be like Kai"" or ""Everyone thinks Kai is the 'good' one"" & I couldn't convince her that I DIDN'T love her less than her sister nor did I WANT her to be the same, & that I loved how unique & different they each were! I wish I could've convinced her of how much I loved her & her sister equally & that all I EVER wanted for my children was for them to be happy. We spoke every day, I could talk to her about ANYTHING & miss her every second of every day..."
Overdoses have increased 42% during the COVID-19 pandemic. Help us save lives.

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Overdoses have increased 42% during the COVID-19 pandemic. Help us save lives.

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