Zachary  Bigelow

Zachary Bigelow


My name is Carolyn, I'm the mother of 5 boys and one daughter. I lost my 27 year old son Zachary to an overdose in February 2016. His death was ruled a homicide, the first in our county. My son didn't want to be addicted , he researched what was happening to him and his body, trying to find a way to survive this. He wasn't out partying and hanging in the bars. He was home trying to be a father, a son, and find a decent job.

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Carolyn Miele
Tell us about your loved one.

He was 27 years old, was a chef, always wanted to be a sports announcer, was a Raiders fan, he knew about every sport and every player, was a republican and very much involved in politics, he had a 2 yr old son Giovani, light of his life. He was a real family man.

Tell us about Zachary 's struggle with addiction

Started out using marijuana at a young age, hanging around the wrong kids, never really grew out of it. His girlfriend left him, he met up with another girl who was a heroin user and he started using shortly after. We struggled the struggle for 12 months, then rehab and relapse, and off to Methadone treatment, where he managed to stay clean. The relationship didn't change so he struggled with that, moving back and forth between her house and my house until I found him at my house while he was living with me.

What made Zachary smile?

His son, being with his family, his nephews, sports, football

What do you miss most about Zachary ?

His smile, his touch, him saying "hey mom," telling me he loves me, his hugs, he used to lay in my bed with me and tell me all his problems, cooking dinner, cleaning up after him, floating in the pool with him, his texts, just him

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