Oshakee Marie Zink

Beautiful, Clever, Compulsive, An Artist
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What Oshakee was like

Oshakee succumbed to drug addiction multiple times throughout her life, until there was no waking up. Many people and organizations tried to help but her truth, forgiveness, happiness and life within herself she never found outside of the drugs.

Fondest memories of Oshakee

Oshakee loved living life her way and by her rules. Even though she couldn't, she would want everyone else to speak the truth. The truth is, you know someone whose life is vulnerable to addiction or who is an addict. Stop turning a blind eye!

God, hear our prayer

For NAS babies born, for those who care for them, for frightened struggling parents who fear to lose them, for those who give foster care, and for those who must decide for these babies’ welfare, we pray to God.

How Oshakee will be missed

Oshakee's, (a.k.a.: KeyKey), artistic abilities were exceptional. She could decorate a room with her creations and keep you up at night with her written words.

God, hear our prayer.

For families and friends of those who are in the midst of addiction or on the path of recovery, that they may have the serenity to accept the things they cannot change, the courage to change the things they can, and the wisdom to know the difference, we pray to God.

How Oshakee will be remembered

Osh would like to be remembered as a Recovering Addict but that's not possible. Silence would mean her death was in vain, but if one person's life could be saved then her story of childhood trauma, mental health issues, abuse and her years of trying to get clean should be told. A product of her environment, she could not break the cycle. She used every service available but the drug hold was too strong. Osh fought her addictions but her light shattered before she could win the war. Let us pray.