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Amber Marie Cleveland

Age 21
Daughter, loving, beautiful, smart
Age 21

Amber was my mini me, my world. She played softball, had many friends and was a bit shy and really funny

I have so many memories, when she got her finger stuck in her bubble gum machine.

The fun we had, smile and her being goofy

Smart, beautiful loyal young lady who loved animals hanging out listening to music, rain & storms. Friendly and easy going.

Steven Mark Richardson

Age 32
Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Friend
Age 32

I most miss his sense of humor and his real advice.

Remember everything about him that wasn't related to his addiction. He was so much more than that.

Thomas Bubba Gardner

Age 31
Loving, Kind Son/Brother/Friend
Age 31

Thomas was certainly one of a kind. Every time you would see him, people they would light up and give him a huge hug.

If you talk to his close friends/family about the time they laughed the hardest, you can bet that Thomas was there.

His laugh, his smile, his never-ending arsenal of funny one-liners, his hugs, his toughness and strength, his protection of family and friends, his knack for always knowing the weather. And SO SO much more.

We'll miss being able to all be in the room with you and the positive energy you always carried through life even though we couldn't see your pain.

Thomas would want to be remembered by the love he shared with his family and friends, the memories of him with his favorite people, and his many great accomplishments in his short time.

We will remember his time in our world fondly, but he is not gone. He is with us every day in our smiles, our laughs, and our stories of him

Elizabeth Batchelder

Age 32
Creative, loving, ray of sunshine
Age 32

Elizabeth lit up every room she entered. She was kind, loving, giving, bubbly, crafty, creative, silly, and we all loved her. She was an amazing Mom to her daughter!!

I miss her smile. I miss her laugh. I miss the way she brought light to everyone around her!

As a ray of sunshine!

Brandon John Cortright

Age 24
Son, Grandson, Brother, Nephew, Friend
Age 24

Smart, funny, competitive, loyal, passionate about helping "the underdog", lost, sad, and tired

His laugh and his hugs

His laugh and his hugs

As having made someone happy and laugh

Kyle Spencer Humphrey

Age 32
Son, Brother, Father, Caring, Loving
Age 32

Incredibly special. Warm, smart, caring. Never had an unkind word toward anyone. Loved animals and his family. Wanted so badly to not be an addict.

He was I. First grade. I had dropped him off at school and he walked by the lost and found. He stopped, took off his jacket and threw it in. When I asked him why he did that he told me it was going to end up there anyway. It made me laugh. Kyle made people laugh.

A hug. His voice. His advice, he always had great advice. His laughter, sense of humor. And all the little anecdotes he knew about.

As caring and loving. One who fought his addiction with all he had.

Ian Minnick

Age 22
Son, Brother, Musician, Accepting, Loving
Age 22

J Sheldon Hughes

Age 31
First Love
Age 31

He was one of most exceptional men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. When you were in his circle, and he loved you, that man would do absolutely ANYTHING for you. He was intelligent, funny, witty, caring and authentic.

There are far too many to count. I would say our first date, at Villa Banca. We both got all dressed up. He ordered “smashing taters” and I died laughing. In his family that’s what they called them his whole life and he had NO clue they were actually called mashed potatoes. We were 17 at the time.

His laugh. This stupid, LOUD noise he would make when they’re was an awkward silence. The way he cared so deeply for the people he loved. The random texts or phone calls of him saying hi and reminding me if I ever need him, he would be there for me in a minute.

For his legacy. He touched so many people in his short life. He left behind a son, and I see so much of his dad in him. It’s such a wonderful reminder he is always here.

Joshua S Buss

Age 30
Cherished father, son, and grandson
Age 30

Joshua never met a stranger and was always looking to help others. His 2 children were his life. He loved cooking, motorcycles, music, and having "fresh" clothes. He was brilliant. He could watch one Youtube video and repair anything.

There is too much to say for this. If I had to choose one, it would have to be watching him with his children. He adored them.


Josh's main focus was his children. He always wanted everyone to know how proud he was of his children and how much he loved them.

Jessica Renee Woodward

Age 25
Daughter, sister, niece, friend and fighter!
Age 25

Sweet Jessica was born a fighter weighing only three pounds. She was beautifully fierce, independent and she loved deeply and intently.

Her sweet voice.

I think that Jessica would like to be remembered as a fighter. She found recovery and unfortunately that slipped away. I know from the bottom of my heart that she would want to be remembered for those precious months.
I know she would also liked to be remembered in a way that made sure that ALL the people she loved really truly understand the depth of that love. Rest easy, beautiful.

Jake Thomas Kepler

Age 29
My darling baby boy, brother
Age 29

Kind, sympathetic, empath

When he enjoyed sharing about Nascar, football and books he read.

His 10 phone calls a day

Vincent Michael DeMaio

Age 25
Son, Brother, Friend, Uncle, Funny
Age 25

Vinny was kind, funny, silly and loved life. His love for the Giants was obvious and his talent in sports was remarkable. He loved his family and friends deeply and lived his 25 years of life on earth to the fullest.

We miss Vinny's sense of humor, the nicknames he came up with, his warm words and him yelling at the TV on football Sunday. We miss his sarcasm and love for music and movies.

Robin Van Natta

Age 54
Age 54

My beautiful cousin Robin was so vivacious and loving.

I grew up with Robin as her Mother snd my father were siblings. Through a hard time we lived with our Aunt and Robin made us laugh so much. My sister and I stayed in her room with her & I can remember us all laughing so loud, my Aunt would come in and tell us we needed to go to sleep.

Nicholas Sean Weseen

Age 19
Heart of Gold
Age 19

Nick was funny, artist, loving & very caring. He wanted everyone to be happy & loved his family.

Taking care of his little brothers. He loved reading to them, playing ball & spending time with his older brother. He was always laughing.

His kindness & jokes

That he was always there for family & friends, even strangers he would help.

Jacob Lee Merrill

Age 28
Son, Father, Brother, Beloved Light
Age 28

A beam of light, he was. Always hamming it up! Had the best laugh. Loved to think of others first, kind, sensitive, compassionate human that I was so proud to call my son. So very missed.

Best smile and laugh! Loved comedic antics! Very protective of those he loved/cared about! Loved by all his families and friends.

Our daily texts as I am a lip reader. And our FaceTime!

Laughter, comedy, kindness, compassion, protect your loved ones!

Dustin Neil Schwarz

Age 26
Son , brother, cousin, loved by so many
Age 26

Dustin was so funny - he spent a lot of his time on his computer making hysterically funny videos - he would sing along to songs - making funny facial movements and playing the guitar. He was just a funny kid.

There are so many - I will pick one. Dustin's older brother (3 yrs older) and I were watching The Sopranos and Dustin walked in the room and suggested we turn the program off - when I asked him - Why ? He responded - that there were entirely too many "F words" in the script. His brother and I said that we would take it into consideration and that we would continue to watch the show as long as no one would say the "F word".

Again - I miss so many things - I'll touch on one. Dustin's kind heart - I miss - so much. Dustin would be the first to befriend a new student at school - if he finished his classwork early - he would ask the teacher if there was someone that he could help.

I think that Dustin would like to be remembered as a kind and funny young adult. If someone had a flat tire - he would help. If someone was sick and could not go out - he would sit with them - and try and cheer them up. He loved playing soccer - if it was a practice - a game - he would encourage his team mates to have a good time - and not focus on who won.

Jeffrey Alan Darling

Age 52
Father, Friend,
Age 52

Best father

I miss his laugh

Always kind toward others.
Helped anyone if he could.