Nikki Caliguire

Niki Caliguire (she/her) is the Development Director, Fundraising Programs at Shatterproof, where she oversees the Shatterproof Walks in Dallas and Los Angeles.

Niki brings more than eight years of experience in community engagement and relationship management to her new role. A lifelong volunteer, she began her nonprofit career in the marketing space, after which she transitioned to a role in development with the National MS Society, where she pioneered an innovative revenue generation approach to bolster the impact of their walk program.

In addition to her professional experience, Niki has taken on the multiple different event series as a fundraiser to deepen her understanding of how best to serve her donors--from three day, 50-mile walks, to stair climbs, and endurance events. Born and raised just outside Washington, D.C., Niki pursued her BA in Journalism at Colorado State and a MS in Global Affairs with a focus on International Development and Humanitarian Assistance from NYU.

She currently lives in the mountains of Colorado with her partner, where she enjoys easy access to all things outdoors.

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