We believe there are real solutions to reduce
 the devastation of addiction in America.

We believe work can be done to ease the pain and suffering of those affected by this disease. And we take a focused approach to get the most done.

Together, we can reverse the addiction epidemic that is sweeping across the United States.


Shatterproof’s ultimate goal is to end addiction. With your support, over the next 20 years we will focus on three specific, measurable goals:

  • Reduce by 50% the number of Americans addicted to alcohol and other drugs (more than 22 million in 2013).
  • Reduce by 50% the number of Americans who die from alcohol and other drugs (more than 135,000 per year).
  • Reduce by 50% the societal cost alcohol and other drugs (estimated in excess of $415 billion per year).

Together. United. We are Shatterproof.

We believe that together, we have the capacity to reduce the devastating impact of addiction on families across America.

Together, we can help parents prevent their children from developing an addiction to alcohol and other drugs, and ensure that those affected by this disease have access to proven and effective treatments and long-term recovery programs.

Together, we can reduce the stigma and secrecy associated with addiction, removing the shame felt by those struggling with this disease and their families.

And with your help, Shatterproof will work to educate and empower parents, families, educators, health care providers, legislators, and others to address addiction, head-on. We're building a national organization to close serious gaps in funding and resources for the disease of addiction—and we couldn't do it without supporters like you.