Our plan to fight stigma

We're coordinating with partners nationwide to end stigma.

The Approach

Identify key stakeholders

The six systems that will have the largest impact on those with Substance Use Disorder (SUD), those seeking treatment, and those in recovery are employers, healthcare, government, criminal justice, media and entertainment, and local communities.

Create materials that enable individuals and organizations to take action

Resource Includes:

  • Altering language to implement evidence-based best practices
  • Eliminating harmful policies that act as barriers
  • Tools to help deliver these changes at organizations

In early 2021, we will release easy-to-implement Tool Kits for stakeholders to do their part. Contact Shatterproof to learn how your organization can help fight stigma.

Build a national coalition

Shatterproof will bring together a core group of Partners and Coalition Members who can generate an outsized impact and sustain momentum over time by implementing key actions. This coalition will help reach a tipping point where thousands of institutions are implementing stigma-reducing actions and working alongside those with lived experience to create evidence-based change.

Create an Addiction Stigma Index

This annual measurement system will measure the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of the general public, those within our six targeted systems, and those with SUD.

Stakeholder Certification

Publicly recognize organizations as “Allies” for implementing Action Items and leading innovation around additional actions.

Promote the movement

Use national and local media to promote the movement, its progress and impact, and ways for individuals and organizations to get involved.

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Shatterproof's Strategy to End Stigma

Read the latest research about stigma, the impact it has on society, and Shatterproof's strategy to address it.

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