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Fentanyl is driving the overdose crisis.

Overdose deaths have skyrocketed in recent years because of fentanyl. This powerful synthetic opioid is cheap to make, more potent than morphine, and has contaminated the drug supply.

Drug cartels add fentanyl to illicit drugs–like meth, cocaine and heroin–to increase their effects and make them more addictive. Drug cartels are also making fake pills that look like Adderall, Xanax, and Oxy that contain fentanyl. Drug users have no way of knowing that fentanyl is in the drugs they’re taking and many of them ingest fentanyl without realizing it. Unfortunately, anyone using illicit drugs–even once–is vulnerable to a fentanyl overdose.  

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Some people seek out fentanyl intentionally, while many have no idea the drug they are taking has been laced with it. But no matter how someone is introduced to fentanyl–no one deserves to die. Want to learn more? Check out these fact sheets that answer common questions about fentanyl and harm reduction tools like naloxone.

How can I help? 

You can help by giving a gift in honor of the 107,000 lives that were lost to overdose in 2021. Through your donation, we’ll raise not just critical funds to support our mission but hope for those who are still living in addiction and trying to recover. 

This is an urgent public health crisis and we’ve developed a strategy to reverse the alarming overdose death rate. This month, we’re raising $107,000 to: 

  • Create fentanyl education programs aimed at children and young adults 
  • Expand access to naloxone
  • Monitor real-time overdose hotspots
  • Challenge laws that keep harm reduction tools, fentanyl test strips, and naloxone away from the people who need them the most 
  • Fund science-based prevention programs

When we see impossibly large figures like 107,000, we often can’t comprehend the human toll behind those numbers. This is why we’re featuring 8 real stories of people who have been touched by overdose. You can read each of their harrowing stories below. 

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