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Philip Rutherford is the Chief Operating Officer at Faces & Voices of Recovery. He is a recovery coach, a passionate member of the Recovery Community and possesses a self-described Doctorate from the school of Hard Knocks. As COO, he is responsible for multiple lines of business within the Faces & Voices ecosystem. Phil is credited with a significant role in conception, design, launch and facilitation of the Recovery Data Platform (RDP). This cloud-based platform is the first of its kind and has quickly become a valuable asset in longitudinal data collection for Peer-Based Services.

Phil has a BA in Psychology with a specialization in substance use disorders. He is a member of standing committees at the National Institute of Health, the FDA, and other Federal agencies. He serves on several nonprofit boards including Serve Minnesota, the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, Twin Cities Recovery Project, and Docs Recovery House. Prior to the nonprofit world, he spent most of his career in corporate sales, marketing, and management at Microsoft, Micron Electronics, and companies within the Taylor Corporation. Phil is an active member of the Recovery community and has considerable experience in the areas of Substance Use Disorders, Recovery, Re-entry, and Race Equity.

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