Online education program will help people learn about the disease of addiction

Shatterproof, in its dedication to reversing the addiction crisis in the United States, has announced the launch of its new Just Five online education program, which will help more people learn about the disease of addiction.

As the nation’s largest nonprofit treatment provider with 17 sites around the country, the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation will use Shatterproof Just Five as a resource for families who call its helplines and could benefit from an initial education on addiction. Together, Shatterproof and Hazelden Betty Ford selected the appropriate trainings, and both organizations will analyze the data and feedback from users to assess and then optimize the impact. Hazelden Betty Ford is the first treatment and support organization to use Just Five.

Shatterproof Just Five is an online, self-paced, mobile-enabled program focusing on increasing awareness, reducing stigma, and sharing information about addiction prevention and treatment. Participants will learn who is at risk, how to discern whether a person may have a substance use disorder, how to support loved ones with this disease, and more. Just Five, also available directly through employers, includes six guided learning experiences that combine animated and expert videos, interactive learning, and supplemental materials. All lessons are woven together with a positive message that change is possible for everyone.

“We are extremely proud to launch this important program. Addiction is our country’s biggest public health crisis and it is critical we reach as many people as possible to educate them about substance use disorder,” said Shatterproof founder and CEO Gary Mendell. “One in three people in the United States is impacted by substance use disorder, whether it is themselves or a loved one, and it’s vital that we provide resources and support and that networks like Hazelden Betty Ford are able to use the education tool to broaden that support.”

“Confusion and frustration are common when people first start exploring help for addiction, so we’re excited to utilize this excellent resource to help callers who aren’t yet ready for treatment learn more about the issue they’re facing,” said Nick Motu, Hazelden Betty Ford’s vice president and chief external affairs officer.

“This is like a bridge for people still contemplating next steps as they think about how to overcome addiction in their own lives or in a family member’s,” added Pablo McCabe, director of national and strategic accounts at Hazelden Betty Ford. “It’s exciting to be able to take this online solution and work with Hazelden Betty Ford’s insurance partners to fill a void for families who need the right place to start.”

If you’d like to learn about this program, including how to make it available to your employees, please visit



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Overdoses have increased 42% during the COVID-19 pandemic. Help us save lives.

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