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HARTFORD, CT — Millions of Connecticut residents now have a free to the public, confidential way to find lifesaving, high-quality addiction treatment to meet their unique recovery needs. As part of National Addiction Treatment Week and National Substance Use Prevention Month, Shatterproof Treatment Atlas was launched in the state by national nonprofit Shatterproof. The leading grassroots organization is committed to removing systemic barriers to recovery, mobilizing the country to advocate for change, and ending addiction stigma.

The platform will help Connecticut residents with substance use disorders and their loved ones, as well as healthcare providers and insurers, to search for and compare licensed treatment facilities throughout the state. The platform helps users make informed decisions for their care based on location, use of best practices, types of treatment offered, accepted insurers, payment options, specialty populations served, and more.

The expansion of Shatterproof Treatment Atlas, which is already available in 13 states, was made possible thanks to an investment from the State of Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS). Treatment Atlas now has more than 160 treatment facilities listed for the nearly 490,000 Connecticut residents in need of services.

Finding Quality Care Can Mean the Difference Between Life and Death

Treatment Atlas is the first resource in the country with unique features that connects people with information about appropriate, high-quality addiction treatment that meets their specific needs. The platform is funded by foundations, healthcare companies, and, most importantly, states.

Currently, there is no nationally recognized standard of care for the treatment of addiction. Shatterproof identified seven science-based standards for high-quality treatment. These include fast access, personalized evaluation and treatments, medications access, effective behavioral therapies, long-term treatment and follow-ups, coordinated mental and physical healthcare, and additional support services.

Nonprofit organizations, elected officials, business and community leaders, and healthcare professionals came together to officially launch Treatment Atlas in Connecticut during a recent press conference and training event. The in-person and virtual event featured Lt. Governor Susan Bysiewicz; DMHAS Deputy Commissioner Colleen Harrington, LCSW, MBA; State Senators Saud Anwar and MD Rahman; Richard Kehoe, state director for U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal; Connecticut Department of Children and Families Representative Keri Lloyd; Founder and CEO of Shatterproof Gary Mendell; and Shatterproof Ambassador Dita Bhargava.

Devasting Effects of Opioids in Connecticut

Recent data from SAMHSA shows that nearly 490,000 people in Connecticut identified as having a substance use disorder in the past year.

Atlas lists all licensed Connecticut addiction treatment facilities for any substance use disorder, including alcohol and opioid use disorder, and displays information on services and practices. Shatterproof continues to work with addiction treatment facilities to add and update facility information. Licensed addiction treatment facilities in the state are encouraged to contact to ensure their information is up to date on the Treatment Atlas platform.

“Shatterproof Treatment Atlas will connect those suffering from substance use disorders to the right treatment options by removing barriers to finding affordable care and providing access to services that address patients’ unique needs,” said Congressman Jim Himes. “The severity of the addiction crisis in our country demands a whole of society response, and it’s heartening to see Connecticut-based national nonprofit organizations like Shatterproof leading the way in supplying comprehensive addiction treatments that respect patient privacy, remove stigma and will ultimately save lives.”

“Our state has a lot of resources. The problem is people just don’t know that they exist,” said Bysiewicz. “Shatterproof Treatment Atlas is a life-saving resource and gives information that supports those in need and their loved ones who are looking for appropriate quality care.”

“It will take every resource we have available to continue to fight this epidemic of overdose deaths, and now we are able to add the Shatterproof Treatment Atlas to our array of tools,” said Harrington. “Treatment Atlas will offer those seeking help for substance use disorders another resource to help find and compare treatment providers as they make informed decisions regarding their care.”

“Every day, four of Connecticut’s family members die from an unintentional opioid overdose. We must join hands to protect each and every one of these precious lives,” said Anwar. “The Shatterproof Treatment Atlas platform is a very important part of helping to protect lives.”

“Shatterproof Treatment Atlas will show us the end of the tunnel. We see the light. We are in this together,” said Rahman.

“With more than 1,400 opioid-overdose-related deaths annually in Connecticut, Shatterproof Treatment Atlas will truly save lives, connecting people suffering from opioid addiction and substance use disorders and their families with quality healthcare options,” said Kehoe. “Shatterproof, under the dynamic, dedicated leadership of Gary Mendell and Ambassador Dita Bhargava, is offering hope and guidance to many families and friends looking for appropriate care for a loved one. I will continue to work with Shatterproof for more federal resources for treatment of this insidious, pernicious disease.”

“Treatment Atlas’ use of the Shatterproof National Principles of Care aligns strongly with Connecticut’s efforts to ensure that individuals are receiving timely access to critical levels of care at the time that they need that treatment,” said Lloyd. “Treatment Atlas ensures individuals have access to medications for substance use disorders, that the programs that are serving them are using evidence-based practices, and that people who enter treatment receive individualized and whole-person care focused on the individual’s strengths, needs, abilities, preferences, and desired recovery goals.”

“Addiction has gripped our families and neighbors. I want to thank Gary Mendell and the team at Shatterproof for bringing this important treatment tool to 14 states across our country, including right here in Connecticut,” said Rep. Tracy Marra, a member of the legislature’s Public Health Committee. “We need solid and proven access to treatments. Shatterproof has provided a much-needed tool that will help identify treatment and support facilities for those in recovery.”

“Shatterproof Treatment Atlas is our nation’s first quality measurement system to treat addiction,” said Mendell. “Treatment Atlas will give those in need and their families the transparent and trustworthy information my family never had and will help put more people on the path to recovery.”

“Adolescent deaths have doubled from 2019–2021, and fentanyl overdoses are now the leading cause of deaths for Americans ages 18–45,” said Bhargava. “Research shows that addiction can be treated with the help of certain clinical practices, but quality of care varies and it’s difficult to tell whether facilities are doing the right things. Shatterproof Treatment Atlas is a source of reliable information for people seeking treatment and for their loved ones as well as for providers, health insurers and others interested in understanding the quality of addiction treatment facilities.”

Shatterproof Treatment Atlas was developed three years ago and has been accessed more than 1 million times.

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About Shatterproof:

Shatterproof is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to reversing the addition crisis in the U.S. Shatterproof is focused on guiding communities, removing systematic barriers to recovery, mobilizing the country to advocate for change, and ending addiction stigma in the U.S. Find Shatterproof on Facebook, X and YouTube: @ShatterproofHQ or follow them on Instagram at @weareshatterproof. To learn more, visit If you are experiencing anxiety, depression or a substance use disorder, text SHATTERPROOF to 741741 for help.


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