Driving provider improvement and accountability through a trustworthy, consumer-friendly resource for families seeking addiction care

Consistent with the Donabedian model for examining healthcare quality, Shatterproof is working to identify structure, process, and outcome measures aligning with the Principles of Care. Like approaches used in other healthcare sectors, the measures will be used to inform provider report cards.

These report cards, which will function as a treatment “rating system,” are being designed to:

  • drive quality improvement among the provider community
  • serve as a resource for referral sources
  • serve as a tool for insurers and states in making payment and network decisions
  • inform consumer decisions when seeking care

For decades, there has been a call to put consumers in the driver’s seat of healthcare decisions to allow market forces to spur productivity, innovation, and quality improvement. But the industry has been slow to make information on addiction treatment quality, cost, and value transparent and understandable to the average consumer. Combine that with seeking care in a time of chaos and navigating unscrupulous and sometimes fraudulent ad-word schemes or patient brokers, and the consumer can easily fall prey to sub-par or even harmful interventions.

This rating system will change that. It will provide reliable information directly to the individual who’s seeking treatment, or to their loved ones, to make decisions in times of need. Also, the rating system can be used by payers to implement supply-side strategies that promote value, such as performance incentives, risk-sharing models, and bundled payments.

While measurement systems have been met with some criticism and resistance, comprehensive reviews show they provide value to patients and help improve the quality of care long term. Other benefits include the notion that the use of measures improves measurement, and that these systems drive provider and program level decisions.