Sara Winchester is Director of State Engagement for Shatterproof Treatment Atlas team. In this role, she manages stakeholder engagement within states participating in Treatment Atlas quality measurement system for addiction treatment programs. 

Prior to Shatterproof, Sara led a large virtual team, managing home health services across the entire U.S. within one of the largest healthcare companies, through an acquisition and expansion into 10 additional states. She encompasses a diverse background including leadership development and coaching, behavioral health managed care, building strategic partnerships, and serving at-risk youth as health educator, counselor, and prevention specialist. One her favorite roles was working with youth and families within the Teen Court Program in southern Florida and helping them to abstain from drugs.

Sara is passionate about relationship building and wellness, with the desire to see others living their life “healthy and whole” in all areas (mentally, physically, and spiritually). Sara received her Bachelor’s in Leadership from Johnson University in Kissimmee, FL and her Masters in Human Services: Marriage and Family Therapy, from Liberty University. She currently resides in lower Alabama with her husband of 18 years, and their 3 children.

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