Stephen Dixon is a Development Director for Shatterproof and is based in Connecticut. In his professional role with Shatterproof, he leads regional engagement with fundraisers, sponsors, community partners, volunteers and participants for the Rise Up Against Addiction Walk in Boston and the Shatterproof marathon program.

Prior to Shatterproof, he spent years working directly with addiction professionals, treatment centers, providers, and sober living facilities nationwide offering a wide variety of training and educational programs geared towards substance abuse and continuing education in the field. He has also worked firsthand in the clinical side of the addiction industry in a treatment center setting.

Stephen is passionate about recovery both professionally and personally and is in recovery himself. He is an avid traveler and athlete, with fitness being a large factor in his life and recovery. He is thankful for the ability to work in a field he is passionate about, and advocate for all of the possibilities in recovery.

Stephen studied at The University of Miami and currently resides in Stamford, CT.

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