24 years today - September 05 2019

Kelley Quattro
Do you have a message for the Shatterproof community?

GET TO MEETINGS, ANY meeting(s) available, listen for the recovery message (versus the personalities). There is something to learn at EVERY meeting and there is support and love at EVERY meeting when you're open to receiving it.
I have not been a big Meeting-Maker throughout my 24 years abstinent but I attest to the undeniable benefits of self-help support groups with ALL of my heart. This is what we all need today because addiction-caused death (by overdose and/or suicide) is rampant currently and it needs to stop. Too many people are leaving this world before they should and before we "survivors" are ready.
The medical field (prescribing doctors, pharmaceuticals--not that I'm blaming) is not going to look out for our best interests, so we, in recovery, need to.