Derek Burns
Tell us about your (or your loved one's) recovery journey. What has been the most rewarding part?

"We Celebrated A Year In Recovery Together" In This Photo & Dedicated It To My My Brother So When I Got 2 Years I Dedicated It To Joey.

I sometimes wish I could just turn the clock back. Back to when my brothers were here. I try to stay strong but it's not easy. I go to bed often shedding tears and find myself waking to do the same. The memories are so Vivid. Joey helped me get through my brother's Death, and now I don't have that wingman here to get by his. I have tons of people who do help but it's just not the same. This kid helped me spiritually cause he knew my brother as good as he knew me. Yea I know they're looking down on me. But it's not the same as Them being here Rooting me on. It's a struggle people go through and everyone battles it differently. The way I battle it is I keep their Spirits strong as if they never left. I continue to be myself and not let anything bring me down. It's Ok to feel. Thank God & Thank My Brothers I'm Crushing Life. I Do This For My Son, Lost Ones & People Who struggle not knowing Recovery is Possible.

So The Years To Come I Dedicate Them To All Our Lost Ones Who Have No Voice. Alone I Can't, Together We Can 💯💪🏼 #WeDoRecover #RopedOff #LostOnes