To all the mothers out there reading my story


Although I personally am not a mother and lost my own mother in 1998, i just want to let you all know that it doesn't matter what race, age, religion, ethnicity, color, disability or orientation (be it political, moral, sexual, religious, educational, occupational, financial or social) you are. The only thing that does matter is that you raise your children to respect all living beings in the world, regardless of whether they have things in common with them. Remember, we are all human beings, and must therefore always treat everyone we meet with unconditional, daily respect for as long as we live. If we all did this, then all forms of violence in the world, including verbal violence, would be nonexistent forever and ever and ever! Therefore, we should all respect everyone everywhere in the world every single day of our lives until the day we die if we want everlasting peace and love in our world!