To Hell & Back Twice

Jennifer Padilla
Tell us about your (or your loved one's) recovery journey. What has been the most rewarding part?

I grew up with addicted parents. I was molested as a child. In my teens, my progression to drugs and alcohol was pretty classic. I started to party as an outlet, a resource of release from my adult childhood. When I was introduced to meth, I found my solution, which ultimately led me to prison at the age of 23. When I was released, I didn't return to meth, just everything else. Not having the tools to cope it became very easy to relapse when my mother passed away on top of my marital problems. I was crumpling under a deep depression, postpartum, and a relapse into my addiction. Now with two little boys that needed me, I found no self control and my life was shattering at every attempt to free myself from my pain. My husband and I were arrested again just recently. They sent him to a treatment program and from there it was a domino effect to recovery. It happened for him and our family. Since then, we have now been sober for four months. And have started a support group called RAWaf RECOVERING addicts WINNING. There we hope to share our recovery, our story, our challenges, and our achievements with others hoping to spread the word of recovery, hope, and healing. We believe this is what ultimately is keeping us sober today. We are grateful RECOVERING addicts WINNING. Everyday is sober and free with our family. It is a blessing that we hope to share.

Do you have a message for the Shatterproof community?

We are looking for guidance in our support group and to spread the word of recovery. Our goal is to become a nonprofit organization that helps people in the transitions to life in recovery and most of all the youth. We have 300+ members in our group on Facebook. We have a website and Instagram. How can we widen our our awareness on the war against drugs and alcohol? Much respect to your organization. We would love to join your movement.