In honor of my niece Haley #HaleysTribe

Star Pooley
Tell us about your (or your loved one's) recovery journey. What has been the most rewarding part?

My Niece was my everything. From the time she was born ,two days after my birthday. What a great present she was. Such a beautiful happy free-spirited soul she was until the day she passed away. Haley loved everyone.

Do you have a message for the Shatterproof community?

It takes us. I make a differenc.e We have to stand up and not back down from these addictions we have to get our family and friends the help that they need and don’t turn your back on them. With addiction people do things that they don’t mean they just need a little extra love and to let them know you will be there every step of the way. We as a community have to take a stand and we can do this as a team. I know that everybody either know someone lives with someone works with somebody or are related to someone who has an addiction so let’s take that stand and fight this as a team together we can make it happen.

My niece used heroin for about 4 years before our family found out. And people who claimed they loved her lead her to this monster of a drug. At the age of 20 Haley got endocarditis which is an infection around her heart, infection in her lungs, infection throughout her body. We almost lost her the doctors were able to do open-heart surgery on her and fix the problem. It was a long road for Haley, and the recovery of the open heart surgery. After she was clear of the infection she was put into a rehab and sober living home just turning 21 she was doing good in the sober house. Until the infection came back which caused her to have to have another open heart surgery this time the infection was so bad it destroyed both of her heart valves so she had to get artificial heart valve put in to save her life this time. The day after Christmas was when her second surgery was. She was responding to the anabiotic’s the surgery went well as we were told. But when she got back to rehab and then found out infection came back once again she was back in the hospital and tons of anabiotic‘s Hospital discharged her to a nursing home. And when her antibiotics were up she was supposed to go back to sober living, but she ended up staying at the nursing home because the sober house wasn’t available for her at the time so instead of her being in the streets around the drugs she chose to stay in the nursing home. Everything was looking good for Haley 22 years old and a full life ahead of her until her so-called friends bring her drugs into the nursing home. And on April 14, 2018 I lost my niece to her addiction and it breaks my heart every day. So I’m here to honor Haley and stand up for her and anyone else who can’t or don’t have a voice in this anymore. I walk for Haley.