I BEAT THE ODDS, imagine ?

Alysha Moran
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May God bless STRENGTH on all the addicts battling addiction daily , HOPE for the loved ones picking up the pieces ,and much PEACE for the ones who have lost their lives .

Though I've never been addicted to drugs or alcohol  myself, addiction has surrounded me since birth. At only 31 years old, drug addiction has literally robbed me of JOY. It left welt's on my heart that may never heal. It took two brothers from me, I've never lived a day without. I'm the youngest of four so that's 1/2 of my immediate blood line of family members. Today they are both in a box. One 6 ft under ground and the other incarcerated in federal prison for at least the next decade. My cousin Freddy was the first person with addiction I lost to drugs. He passed away in December 2005. I've never experienced that EUPHORIC, death -like high many rave about. The need for it is so imperative and crucial the users stop at nothing to obtain it, by any and all means necessary. I'll die never knowing that good old high feeling and I'm at peace with that. However, if it were my choice I would want to die not knowing this gut-wrenching misery I feel grieving the death of my sibling. I pray for my mother and thank God for what I do have today. I have LIFE. That's more than enough #RISEUP