Max's Miracle

Jacque Brown
Tell us about your (or your loved one's) recovery journey. What has been the most rewarding part?

I'd never been touched by either addiction so when it hit me upside of the head in my own child I was lost, to say the least. I'll probably never sleep completely sound, waiting for the phone or doorbell to ring in the middle of the night with news I don't want to hear. When I hear loud voices I'll always flash back to his younger sisters yelling to tell me he wasn't breathing yet again. I'll always be a little more compassionate when I see someone else going through what I have, for I know that it's tearing them apart.

Do you have a message for the Shatterproof community?

Keep up the good work-shatter the stigma. Let the world know that these people have a disease, that they have families that love them, that they love their families and they aren't just weak and without willpower. Given the right tools, they can go on to lead lives free from addiction.

I rise up in support of this beautiful young man, my son, Max. He's almost 22 but nearly didn't make it to 18 or 19 or even 20 because of numerous heroin overdoses that left him blue, not breathing, and close to death. We were fortunate enough to find him each time and know what to do to help him survive. By God's grace or just plain luck he has gone on to get and stay clean for 15 months and now works at helping others do the same. He now enjoys life to the fullest with a clean mind.