This mom won't give up!

Teressa Germain
Mom's Name
Teressa Germain

Mothers Day is here. I have never given up on My Son Tylor's 10 years of addiction. He is worth saving. God gave me him to love and protect and I will till my last breath. That's why God made Moms. I do many things to help others in this situation. I have even been to Washington for a roundtable parent discussion.

As I'm writing this, my son is in a Florida jail. Seven months so far. After being released from a 30-day recovery center, along with his girlfriend, they both relapsed right away. She died, he got charged with murder. 911 call made and CPR given. He wasn't a dealer, wasn't selling heroin. She was his love, and she loved him.

I will not give up on my son. God gave me my son to love and protect till the day I die. And I will. This is what Mothers do.Not enable, but love and help them get the help they need. I will not give up on my child no matter the age. Happy Mothers Day.