My son

Lynn DeFries
Tell us about your (or your loved one's) recovery journey. What has been the most rewarding part?

My son and his addiction to drugs and alcohol. I want people to know it can happen to anyone. I miss him everyday and wish he could have made better choices in his life.

Do you have a message for the Shatterproof community?

Please continue to share stories and raise money for this cause. My daughter and I walked last year in Kansas City and will walk again next year. I wish I could tell all the young people this is what happens and don't ruin your life!

Where do I start? What age did it start? I started 20 plus years ago. My son Luke, a straight A student up until his freshman year in high school, started sniffing glue at age 14, something you never thought would happen. He moved on to marijuana, alcohol, and meth. I think the meth addiction was the worst of all. I had Luke in and out of drug treatment centers, he was arrested, jailed, let out and then we would start the circle again. The meth is what grabbed him, he would get his high and then crash for days. I was scared for him and scared of him. His younger brother and sister were scared. At times, I feel like I have failed him. The last treatment center he was in we felt like wow I think he's done it, he had 3 little boys and loved being a father. Then one night something happened. It wasn't drugs this time, it was alcohol and he thought he could outrun the police. He had a car wreck and took the life of someone else.He had a terrible injury. He now spends his days in a correctional facility, life plus 18 for the car accident. He hasn't seen his boys in 7 years. Drugs and alcohol ruin your life and the life of others. I now visit him once a month and still love him with all my heart.