My story, on Mother's Day 2017

Cathleen Imo


My son struggles with addiction and like all of the others who share on Shatterproof's site, the story is very similar. I read the memorials from time to time and pray, with a heavy heart, for all of those who lost their child, husband, brother, uncle... and on and on, to the disease of addiction. 

At the ripe age of 14 my son was introduced to MS Contin for a broken C4. Little did I know what kind of path my son would be on after receiving that drug. It began with opioid pills and lead to IV heroin. Endless downward spiraling eventually leading to rehab followed by typically 18-20 months free from use. He is now 25 and on April 23rd he overdosed on heroin after being clean for over a year. He is one of the fortunate, blessed human beings, saved within minutes, according to the MD's, from being an organ donator. 

Today is Mother's Day and he is now staying with me. Nearly recovered physically from the trauma, I offer a place of non-judgement, love, and support for whatever his next step is. Previously, I made sure he went to treatment and sober living, per the expert's advice. This time I am leaving the decision in his hands. He does not want to die. He has decided and will begin an IOP this week and work on himself, one day at a time, on the recovery road. 

At this point as with any moment in the day, I do not know what lies ahead. No one really knows. My job is to stay in the present, work my program and provide a safe place and the love he needs.