A New Tomorrow

Kurt M
Tell us about your (or your loved one's) recovery journey. What has been the most rewarding part?

In sobriety, I have heard my calling. I want to help those who perhaps can't help themselves as they come out of the darkness of addiction and back into the light. I want to be a voice of comfort and tell a story of similarity so they know they are not alone. I want to tell them tomorrow truly is a better day and finding themselves again and all of their greatness is the most amazing miracle of all!

Do you have a message for the Shatterproof community?

We are in this together and from what I have seen, I am surrounded by some of the most brilliant, smart, funny, successful, engaging, happy and strong people I have ever met. I couldn't choose better people to mentally combat a debilitating disease.

My addiction to alcohol hid itself in the shadows for a long, long time. For many years the drinks I had were shared with friends and in business in celebration and in what seemed a perpetual stratospheric ride. With a thriving marriage, three young little girls and success, I could have never dreamed how addiction would call its debt. Like a thief in the night, I found myself completely addicted to alcohol. I no longer could make meetings or travel for work. I could no longer speak with confidence to those who paid me to do so. I was losing myself so fast, like a jet at 600 mph, losing it's wings... My wife, my children, my home all gone. I don't blame them for saving themselves as I was not "me" in any capacity. I found myself living in my car until it was taken away and then in a hotel more addicted than ever. It wasn't until a moment in a hospital where I felt the spiritual encouragement to not let this disease kill me. I am so thankful for that divine moment because I realized that my life mission now in sobriety is to help build the "bridge" between those who don't understand addiction and those on the other side silently screaming for help. We were not born to die addicted, we were put here on purpose to live beautiful lives and inspire future generations. Just as addiction took everything, I am amazed at how a re-connection to spirit has restored all that truly mattered in my life. My daughters are my everything and they now have their daddy back. My life mission is to help others make those connections again with the ones they love and be a loud voice in the awareness and the stigmas that surround addiction.