Perhaps there’s a better way

Char Rooney Kozlowski
Tell us about your (or your loved one's) recovery journey. What has been the most rewarding part?

Fifteen years ago this past St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) I was sitting in a chair in a church and listening. I cried decades of pain and grief, but tears of incredible relief flowed from my soul that day.

Along the way, I’ve garnered strength and hope from every single soul that has crossed my path each of these 5,663 days.

My experience now reflects a journey of courage to change and a surrendering to all that I have been, all that happened, good and bad, that could never be different and a knowing that to be well I must first see & love me.

Today I am perfectly imperfect and free to just be :)
Those who know me know that truth is a beautiful reflection of Grace.

Humble, grateful, and at peace.

Do you have a message for the Shatterproof community?

When you get to that moment when you think there is no hope, you realize in that very instant that all you truly do have left is hope.